Bio – english

« one of Canada’s most creative musical visions. » Stuart Brommer, TheWholenote (canada)

« a highly disciplined approach to noise making. » ”DAN BIGNA, REAL ART (AUSTRALIA)

Éric Normand is an improviser, bassist, instrument designer, composer, songwriter, singer and record and concert producer.

As an improviser, he develop a personal and radical playing on a homemade electric bass equipped with mics and objects feedbacking and vibrating in small electronic devices, creating electric flux interrupted by the instrumental gesture.

With this set, he prefer to play duets, with Jim Denley (flute and sax), Philippe Lauzier (bass clarinet and sax), Xavier Charles (clarinet), Pierre-Yves Martel (viola de gamba and electronic), Magda Mayas, Martin Tétreault, in addition of several spontaneous encounters.

Involved in cross-genred projects, he co-lead the jazz band Brûlez les Meubles and free-form-folk duo the Surruralists and played with some jazz legend as pianist Burton Greene and multi-instrumentist Joe McPhee. Interested in collective creation and orchestral improvisation, he lead for seven years the GGRIL, a 15 pieces band that have worked with composers such as Evan Parker, Jean Derome, Xavier CHarles, Ingrid Laubrock and Michael Fischer.

He also compose for ensemble and multi-disciplinary projects, performance, installations, films and postal art and collaborated with many artists. At 40, he developed interest in printing arts such as linocut and silkscreening and created several artwork for friend’s albums.

His music has been programmed by or performed in several festivals in Canada , Australia  and Europe. It have also been broadcasted by Radio-Canada, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, CBC, Radio-Grenouille, and several college radio stations. He also published more then 30 discs.