ensembles d’improvisateurs / improvising ensembles


ggril bordeaux

Fondé à Rimouski en 2006, le GGRIL est le principal ensemble avec lequel je travaille la musique pour orchestre d’improvisateurs.

J’ai aussi eu la chance de travailler avec l »Orchestra Futura (Vancouver) et l’Ensemble Supermusique (Montréal).

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Created in 2006 in Rimouski, GGRIL is the main band with whom I work on improvising ensemble music.

I’ve also worked with Orchestra Futura (Vancouver) and Ensemble Supermusique (Montréal).

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« I heard the GGRIL Orchestra during a short and pleasant stay at Rimouski (Canada) after finishing a long USA tour with ICP Orchestra. All these young musicians had big ‘listening’ ears, knew how to work in a large ensemble, knew to wait and most important knew how to keep the music open and light. All this was done with a lot of fun, concentration and dedication. » Ab Baars

« The evolution of GGRIL is an exciting and I would say important development for improvised music in Quebec. « 

MIke Chamberlain, All about jazz

«  “They have an art centre in Rimouski where they can work and play while musicians in London are pushed aside by speculation in hyper-inflated property. Now I don’t think it’s practical for musicians to rush off and settle in places like Rimouski, but there’s much to learn from the GGRIL experience and the special qualities that define its practice and music. Among the musicians who make up GGRIL, there are very different kinds of musical experience. That’s what happens when you have a small community: you can’t just play with your twins. The result is fresh exchange and new collective forms.” Evan Parker

Raphaël Arsenault : violon
Catherine S Massicotte : violon
Rémy Bélanger de Beauport : violoncelle
Luke Dawson : contrebasse
Alexandre Robichaud : trompette
Marie-Neige Besner : saxophone alto, voix
Mathieu Gosselin : saxophone baryton
Sébastien Corriveau : clarinette basse
Robin Servant : accordéon
Tom Jacques : percussion
Olivier D’Amours : guitare électrique
Robert Bastien : guitare électrique
Marc-Antoine Mackin-Guay : guitare baryton
Éric Normand : basse électrique